Luise is melancholic. Motionless, she is sitting at a table when something literally breaks into her world…  Just for a moment.

Germany 2011 | experimental | 6 min | 16mm | 1:2,35
BluRay | stereo | 24 fps | color

Title: Melencolia
Runtime: 6mins
Production Date: 2011
Genre: Experimental
Director: Valerie Heine
Script: Valerie Heine
Cinematography: Jakob Beurle
Music: B. Fleischmann
Sound design: Boris Micheler
Cast: Katja Bramm
Format: 16mm.
Language: German
Produced by: KHM, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

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Festivals Shown At:
Berlinale Empfang der Filmhochschulen | 
Split Film Festival, Croatia 2011 | SoundTrack Cologne 2011 | ZINEBI – International Festival of Documentary and Short Film, Bilbao 2011 | Internationales Medien Festival YOUKI, Wels, Austria 2011 | Theatralfilm-Festival, Köln 2014                                                                                                                                                                                 

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